Very very simple rust rest api handling?

i search a possibilty to simple call an url and take the return string for further handling. The most Librarys for rust are to overdosed for my feelings. Rust himself has no deserialising and url-wrapper methods, i think.

The most APIs in the www have an simple rest api and returns an string. JSON/XML whatever. But i dont will overload my project with full http librarys.

I need only the functionality to receive the http response header data and then i can think about the further data handling. Some rest apis only deliver a string.

Give it that possibility in rust and how, or give it a super simple rest api library with no or some dependencies?


If you ignore no or some deps part Actix web is a pretty easy to use web fw for rust. It takes care of the job while you can just write your app logic and pass the state around

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You might have a look at reqwest as well

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Try to look at simple libraries in HTTP client category, if you don’t want to to bother with hyper and other dependency heavy libraries

For example:


@DoumanAsh Thx that was the rest api with the dependencies at least. My favourite :slight_smile:.
@NikosEfthias I will look sounds interesting.
@AntonHermann Yes reqwest is a good Lib but with too many deps, when my project grows it is a look worth.

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