Very new to Rust and very urgently need help

hello all,

I am trying to learn Rust both professionally and for fun, and im running into a problem.

I am trying to write a small program that gets data from a mysql database, formats it into JSON and posts it to a web API. shouldn't be too hard in any language, but so far Rust proves not so easy :frowning: I have tried using tutorials on the internet, but they are outdated and only results in multiple errors. So i tried going with mysql - Rust this example, but it too shows errors. i managed to remove some by replacing the ? in the connection strings with .unwrap()

this still leaves me with two errors i cant seem to fix :frowning: hopefully someone can help me!

Try using Poll::new(mysql::Opts::from_url(url))

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actually, what fixed it for me was running "cargo clean" .. i'm not sure why that works but heh.. :slight_smile: thank you though! seems the mistake was my own error..

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