Vector of different functions

suppose that I have two functions with different signature:

fn function_1 (arg: i32) {}

fn function_2 () -> String { String::new() }

How to put them into a vector and call them? Something like:

let functions: Vec<WHAT_TO_PUT_HERE> = vec![function_1, function_2];
let s:String = functions[1]();


You can't. All elements in a vector need to be of the same type.

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The reason they all need to be the same type is how would you know how to call it?

A vec of an enumeration of function pointers would work, that would both let you determine 'how' to call it, makes it fully type safe, and you can encode any type in to it that you put in your enumeration.

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You can have a vector of same enums of different functions.

You can have a vector of same-type boxed closures that call different functions.


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