Vector Databases written in Rust

Hi, I was exploring vector Databases written in rust and I found Qdrant to be one of the prominent DB
I am just curious if there are any other vector databases written in rust as an alternative

Any leads on it would be highly appreciated

Thanks in advance

There are a few crates for vector search in Rust mentioned in this topic:

Or maybe you'll find something in a ranking of vector databases (there are plenty of websites and blog posts for this)? I.e. DB-Engines Ranking - popularity ranking of vector DBMS has a few vector DBs listed. You could look at them individually and see which ones are implemented in Rust.

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The databases other than Qdrant mentioned in that post are:

  1. Sled
  2. sqlite - vss
  3. faiss rust bindings

Sled is not a vector database and sqlite vss is an extension to sqlite to enable vector search

I am looking for something similar to Qdrant written in Rust which is very prominent and good community support