Vec of `rand::distributions::Distribution` trait objects?

Is there any way to create a vector of rand::distributions::Distribution trait objects, i.e. Vec<Box<dyn Distribution<f64>>>? When I try to do so, the compiler fails with mesage "the trait cannot be made into an object because method sample has generic type parameters".

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Not directly, because sample is generic on the Rng type, and there would need to be a sample method per Rng implementer.

If you're okay fixing the type of Rng as well, you can work around it with your own trait.


Your example can be modified to implement Distribution<T> for trait objects of the extension trait:

pub trait DynDistribution<T> {
    fn sample_(&self, rng: &mut dyn RngCore) -> T;

impl<D, T> DynDistribution<T> for D
    D: Distribution<T>,
    fn sample_(&self, rng: &mut dyn RngCore) -> T {
        <Self as Distribution<T>>::sample(self, rng)

impl<T> Distribution<T> for dyn DynDistribution<T>+'_ {
    fn sample<R:Rng+?Sized>(&self, mut rng: &mut R)->T {
        self.sample_(&mut rng)


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