Variant cannot be accessed by type name when typ'ing an enum

simplest by example:

use std::io::Error as IOError;
    pub enum SubSystemError<M> {

    type InstErr = SubSystemError<IOError>;

    fn main() { 

        let v0 : SubSystemError<IOError> = SubSystemError::el1(5);
        let v1 : InstErr = SubSystemError::el2(String::from("abc"));
        let v2 : InstErr = InstErr::el2(7);

ends up with error on v2 which is illogical to me. el2 should be available by InstErr type ...

error: no associated item named `el2` found for type `SubSystemError<std::io::Error>` in the current scope
  --> <anon>:17:24
17 |     let v2 : InstErr = InstErr::el2(7);
   |                        ^^^^^^^^^^^^

error: aborting due to previous error

This looks like something that should have an issue filed about it, given Structure instantiation doesn't handle structure typedefs · Issue #4508 · rust-lang/rust · GitHub and Cannot call static methods on type aliases, "module wasn't actually a module!" · Issue #11047 · rust-lang/rust · GitHub.