Variable assignment in vectors with a known structure

If I am reading in some input which is following a known format, in Python can write like:

[n, q] = [int(x) for x in next(some_input).strip().split(' ')]

In rust, so far I have:

let v: Vec<i32> =' ').map(|s| s.parse().unwrap()).collect();
let n = v[0];
let q = v[1];

Is there a way to concisely assign v[0] and v[1] to variables n and q?

You can use a pattern:

let (n, q) = match v.as_slice() {
    &[n, q] => (n, q),
    _ => return Err(...), // len() != 2
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I see, thanks for your reply.
That's a useful pattern, but for my case I wanted to know if there's something less verbose, like a one-liner.

I think you might want ".take(2)".

For example:

    let s:String = "1 2 3".to_string();

    let input: Vec<i32> = s.split(" ").take(2).map(|s| s.parse().unwrap()  ).collect();
    println!("{:?}", input);

Produces "[1, 2]"

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