Using Tokio, there are too many .select()

I am using tokio, future.

My code has several timer intervals.

let wakeup1 = Interval::new(10);
let wakeup2 = Interval::new(…);
let wakeup3 = Interval::new…

let wakeup1_future = wakeup1.for_each(…);
let wakeup2_future = wakeup2.for_each(…);

let sender =

In rustc nightly, it success compile.
But stable rustc, it can’t compile and hangs forever.

I am trying to replace .select() with something other.
Is there any good way?
Thanks in advance.

How many of these chains do you have exactly? One thing you can try is to sprinkle in Box here and there to erase the type - there was a compiler bug where long combinator chains killed compilation times.