Using the SenseHAT (Raspberry Pi)

I am trying to learn Rust, so I thought it would be fun to use the SenseHAT on my Raspberry Pi. I can do so in Python, C I gave up, but I was told it would be possible in Rust. I was pointed to a “sensehat” crate, but from there it went wrong.

So my question is: is there something like such a crate, available to use the SenseHAT in a way mortals can understand?

There is a crate. There is quite a bit of code there.

What does "it went wrong" mean?

Perhaps start with the example code that uses the sensehat in the pi-workshop-rs GitHub - thejpster/pi-workshop-rs: Workshop starter for Rust on the Raspberry Pi. That looks pretty straight forward and should at least get you to a working program that uses the sense hat,

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I found a crate, tried to use it, and ended up with a bunch of errors from the compiler about code that didn’t exist. I think I tried to go to fast, without RTFM :slight_smile:

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