Using Rust with Swift/Xcode on iOS

In a couple of days I'm presenting a 3hr Rust workshop at the (Apple-themed) /dev/world conference in Australia. The main material for that workshop is this written tutorial which I've put on GitHub:

While I'll be supplementing it with some high-level explanations and motivations, my hope is that the written notes are a terse but complete guide for how to get going with Rust in Xcode and perform important FFI tasks with Swift.

I'm posting it here in case anybody finds it useful—and for the remote chance that some intrepid iOS developer actually tries it in the next couple of days and can tell me about any bugs, confusion or inaccuracies before I present it in person. :slight_smile:


I've now turned this into a 55 minute video tutorial for anyone who prefers to watch:

YouTube -
PeerTube -

I think the actual workshop went well. Over 30 devs had their first taste of Rust, and we had only minor technical difficulties—mostly around people whose xcode-select path was wrong, or those who installed Rust via homebrew instead of rustup.