Using Rust to pull OCI containers from Azure Container Registry

I'm trying to figure out how I can push an OCI artifact to the Azure Container Registry using Rust, and then pull the same artifact from ACR. Somehow, I can't find anything online. On ORAS website, I can see that Rust libraries for ORAS are still in development, and Github seems to be pretty much empty, with last commits 2 years ago. Is anyone still working on this integration? Are there any other ways of managing OCIs in Rust? I'd be super grateful for any pointers!

As you mentioned, the oras-rs library on GitHub has been archived, so it does seem as if development is no longer ongoing.

According to this guide from Microsoft on managing OCI artifacts in an Azure Container Registry, the recommended method is to use the actively maintained oras CLI (written primarily in Go) and the Azure CLI (mostly Python).

If your production environment supports languages other than Rust, you could install these two CLIs and control them using Rust's std::process. Otherwise, you could look at reimplementing parts of the code from these CLIs in Rust, although this would not be officially supported and may be quite time-consuming if you need to replicate a lot of functionality.

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