Using parallelism properly for a game


I'm coding a game which have a lot of computing to do. I want to compute some behaviors x times each seconds. I think to use rayon to parallelize the computing. Design would be :

use rayon::prelude::*;

pub struct Entity {
    id: i64,

pub enum Message {
    DoSomething(usize, i64),

pub struct Engine {
    entities: Vec<Entity>,

impl Engine {
    pub fn tick(&mut self) {
        // Parallelize by executing tick_entity method on every cpu core
        let results: Vec<Vec<Message>> = (0..self.entities.len())
            // Indicate to tick_entity which entity to compute
            .map(|i| self.tick_entity(i))

        // In main thread, apply results which require mutability
        for messages in results {

    fn tick_entity(&self, i: usize) -> Vec<Message> {
        vec![Message::DoSomething(i, self.entities[i].id)]

    fn react(&mut self, _messages: Vec<Message>) {
        // React according to messages

fn main() {
    // Simulate 100 entities
    let entities = (0..100).map(|i| Entity { id: i }).collect();
    let mut engine = Engine { entities };

    // Simulate 60 ticks (like 60 fps)
    for _ in 0..60 {

So, I think to parallelize computing on entities (as non-mutable) and produce all future behaviors which require mutability (Message). The behaviors will be applied with mutability in main thread (non-parallelized).

Is that a good design ? Rayon thread creation (many times per seconds) have a reduced cost ?

Thanks !

Yeah, this seems like a good design :+1: Exactly the kind of thing rayon is meant for!

Only two things I'd suggest changing:

1: Use flat_map instead to prevent storing several Vecs:

let results: Vec<Message> = (0..self.entities.len())
            .flat_map(|i| self.tick_entity(i))


2: Use self.entities.par_iter() instead of (0..self.entities.len()).par_iter(), and give tick_entity a reference to each entity rather than just the ID.

Rayon uses a pre-existing thread pool to run in parallel, it doesn't create new threads every time, so no need to worry about that. :slight_smile:

Wonderful ! Thank you !

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