Using many enum for static data instead of store they in in-memory table

our server take a request and with many rules generates a json.

for static data, we want move to enum for all things because
its great and increase simplicity and avoid locking ( in prev version
we used in-memory data structure, first load from from then store in-memory
vectors with RwLock for concurrent access )

we decision to use hierarchy of Enum because serde_json
very good and clean parse it to json.

its good way for access to static data, avoid lock, concurrent access ??

I don't understand in what way you are using enums to avoid locking?

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like bellow sample,
we have static data and never it change,

but we need choice and send to client or reverse
in client instead of ( send id of row in table and we get from table with locking of concurrency access ) ,
just send string, and in server serde_json very simple
parse for our,

this is just sample

enum Client {

enum Requirement {

enum CType {

struct Program {
  filename: Vec<U8>,
  data: Vec<u8>

enum Label {

enum Query {
   Rent(Client, CType, Requirement, Program, Label),
   Bridge(Client, Client),
   AccessTo(Client, Client)

in prev version, we stored all in in-memory table and get from it,
that made locking for concurrenet access and ....

I think this pattern very improve performance.
Enum and serde are great

I have no idea what you are talking about, honestly. Maybe you could give an example of the version of the code that has locks?

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