Using BoringSSL with Hyper

Currently trying to find a way to be able to use the BoringSSL bindings with Hyper (for Reqwest) (or any other HTTP library for that matter) so that I can mimick the Client Hello message the Chrome browser makes.

I have originally tried playing around with the code of the hyper-rustls crate as a base, but I've quickly found out that I'm lacking the skills to tackle the problem at the moment. Mainly due to:

  • The extra bounds (Read + Write) the trait requires when using SslConnector's connect function, which in turn makes the current example fail due to the trait bound tokio::net::TcpStream: std::io::Read (and Write) is not satisfied
  • Generally just failing to know how to handle implementing AsyncRead and AsyncWrite for MaybeHttpsStream<T>

Has anyone had a go at this problem? Got any resources that might help to tackle this?

Nevermind boring/hyper-boring at master · cloudflare/boring · GitHub exists. :no_mouth:

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