Using an additional camera

Hi, I found multiple post that say that you can just throw in a second camera, or bind them to render layers. However, whenever I add a second camera I get a enum2$<bevy_ecs::query::state::QuerySingleError>
I want to display things on top of the screen independent of the main cameras position (like zooming in to something)
Is there some way to use a second camera that I can use to render what I want. Or is there another or better way to do that?
Thanks in advance.

This question seems to be related to Bevy which is an independent third-party library, and this board is for general questions and discussion about Rust. Most people here don’t know Bevy and can’t help you, at least unless you include a lot more context. You might have better luck on some Bevy-specific forum.

The bevy discord is probably the best place to ask.

I am sorry, i posted in the wrong forum, I was wondering where my post was gone...

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