User input and string to integer conversion?

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I am here to ask about, how to get user input and convert it to an integer by using parse and trim functions?

The simple way if you don't case about error handling is

let user_input: &str;
let user_input = user_input.parse::<i32>().expect("Invalid input");

if you want to supply a default on invalid input

let user_input: &str;
let default_value: i32;
let user_input = user_input.parse::<i32>().unwrap_or(default_value);

Once you start to care about error handling

let user_input: &str;
let user_input = if let Ok(user_input) = user_input.parse::<i32>() {
} else {
    // error handling

You can use any of the integer types instead of i32 in the examples above


To get user input, see the std::io module. A simple example looks like:

use std::{io::stdin, error::Error};

fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn Error>> {
    let mut input = String::new();
    stdin().read_line(&mut input)?;
    let num: i32 = input.trim().parse()?;
    println!("{} squared is {}", num, num * num);



Also work through the guessing game example here. It covers basic string parsing into numbers and concepts related to it on a very basic level.

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