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I previously wrote about how pleasantly surprised I was when I tried ripgrep. In the thread, @Michael-F-Bryan mentioned fd-find which has become one of my most commonly used tools (it's extremely fast and ergonomic). And since then I've found a few other not-strictly-for-developers command line tools that I've found myself using a lot. Most recently fend, which is a unit converter.

I'm curious about what other tools are there out there that I might have missed? What are some of your favorite command line tool on

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How about exa?


My only issue with exa is that it doesn't build on Windows. One of the reasons I'm exploring tools on is because I discovered that most crates are multiplatform, and I can use the same tools on all platforms. For decades I've been grumpy about sticking to base tools, because those are the only ones I can rely on always being available -- but with ripgrep, fd-find et al, I can not only get better, more ergonomic, tools, I can get the same tools on all platforms, which is incredibly nice. I'm finally able to venture outside of base tools and experience what I've only read about previously. :slight_smile:

With that said, exa is an improvement on a tool which I didn't really think could be improved. Sort of like bat (which is an enhanced cat on

Edit: Not dog, it's bat.

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I use bat, exa, fd, hyperfine, ripgrep, tokei and dust.


broot is nice, git-delta, onefetch, nu, and so help for a lot of different things

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pueue is really nice if you need it


General purpose tools I have installed with cargo, along with what they replace


I've written a very fast file deduplicator (it's Unix-only, because it uses inodes and hardlinks).


I made a, related but not the same, duplicate file finder though I'm reluctant to recommend it, mainly because I don't guarantee anything (cf. the third paragraph of the MIT license).

kornel you've also made which would qualify as a meta-tool ?

The fd-find utility is proving rather hard to build on Ubuntu 20.04.2. It keeps failing with a jemalloc error for me. I've opened an issue on the GitHub page for that.
I'm aware it can be installed with apt, but I want my rust utils to be installed together in order to prevent chaos.

Huh, I've never had an issue with it myself. I'm currently running 20.10.

Not strictly a pure command-line tool, but I'll mention it because it's still a terminal application which works on Windows as well: gitui is a tui git client.


See here: One Hundred Rust Binaries - Wesley Moore


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