Use tokio-core 0.1 together with tokio-fs 0.1

I am using a library ( that depends on tokio-core (which, I know, is deprecated). Because of the way this library works, my I spawn my futures on a tokio_core::reactor::Core.

However, the blocking file system operations in tokio_fs don’t like being spawned there, as I get an error of "blocking annotated I/O must be called from the context of the Tokio runtime."

I wonder what my options here are. I’m not sure if it makes sense to combine two executors (one from tokio and the other one from tokio-core), but that’s something I could try. There’s also this issue in telegram_bot where someone updated the dependency on tokio-core to tokio, but this work seems more or less abandoned.

Can anybody suggest what a solution to this problem might look like?