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Hi, I'm currently planning to develop a toy parser using Rust and I would like to incorporate "Rust" in the project's name. For instance, I was considering naming it "Rust-based OpenMP parser" with a shorter name "ROP". However, I recently came across the latest policy which seems to disallow using "rust" in the name. I'm a bit confused about this policy and would appreciate it if someone could provide further clarification. Thank you!

The trademark policy you heard about was probably the draft, which wasn't ever actually implemented. According to this page:

Most non-commercial uses of the Rust/Cargo names and logos are allowed and do not require permission

It also states further down, under Uses that do not require explicit approval

Using the Rust trademarks in the names of non-commercial products like RustPostgres or Rustymine, or in the name of code repositories in e.g. GitHub, is allowed when referring to use with or suitability for the Rust programming language.


Personally[1] I'd just avoid it or get explicit written permission (perhaps with a lawyer involved). Hopefully the feedback from the draft results in a better eventual policy. But unless they release the trademark (unlikely IMO), they'll probably reserve the right the change their minds about what's okay and not.

So even if there's a good policy tomorrow, in a decade we might all be renaming JavaEE to JakartaEE RustOP to CrabOP or whatever.

  1. not a lawyer etc etc ↩ī¸Ž


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