URI to clap struct with wasm egui?

Using egui is pretty simple to compile and run native or with eframe, run on browser using wasm.

But clap is command line only.

I think taking a URI string and filling a clap struct with it should not be too much work. Of course it would not be trivial for me to do, but not "too" much work. I think maybe there is already a crate out there that parses a URI and passes it through clap somehow to fill the struct. Does anyone know of such crates?

what type of URI string are you talking about? clap can parse from string inputs (specifically, iterator that yields impl Into<OsString>, such as the return value of str::split()) just fine, it's not limited to command line arguments, just call Parser::parse_from() instead of Parser::parse()

if you are referring to url-encoded forms, unless your have unusual struct definition, you don't need to use clap to parse, just use serde. see

A quick read of the first page of the docs looks like just what I need. Thanks.

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