Ureq 2.0.0 released

Ureq is a simple, safe HTTP client. We recently made some significant changes in response to user feedback. The most significant is that we started returning Result<Response, Error> from requests instead of attaching errors to the Response objects. We've also improved our Error objects to provide more details, and make it easy to extract a Response from an Error when needed. And we've increased the emphasis on using a shared Agent to configure timeouts, connection pooling, TLS settings, and proxy settings.

Try it out, and let us know what you think!



This looks quite good at first glance. One thing I can't quickly find out is: does it support multipart form data?

Thank you!

Not currently. There's some discussion at Any example of multipart post? · Issue #120 · algesten/ureq · GitHub, linking to example code using the multipart crate here: Rust Example for ureq + multipart · GitHub.

Congratulations! I've already found a bug :laughing:

Seriously though, thanks so much for working with me and @BurntSushi on the new Result API, I appreciate you being so responsive to feedback :slight_smile:


Thanks for the bug finding and fixing! :smiley: And seriously, I greatly appreciate all the feedback you gave - it's so much easier to design an API in collaboration with the people who use it.

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