Upload pdf with Multipartformdata

I am trying to upload multiple files with multipartform data. But the data is always empty

I am trying to upload pdf with multipartformdata.
#[post("/upload-pdf", data = "")]
pub async fn upload_pdf(content_type:&ContentType,data: Data<'_>) -> &'static str {
println!("Data is {:?} ",content_type);
let mut options = MultipartFormDataOptions::with_multipart_form_data_fields(
vec! [

let mut multipart_form_data = match MultipartFormData::parse(content_type, data, options).await {
    Err(_) => return "Failed to parse multipart/form-data.",

println!("multipart dta{:?}",multipart_form_data);

let pdf_file =  multipart_form_data.files.get("pdf_file");
//let doc_file =  multipart_form_data.files.get("doc_file");

println!("file {:?}",pdf_file);

if let Some(file_fields) = pdf_file {

    let file_field = &file_fields[0]; 
    let _content_type = &file_field.content_type;
    let _file_name = &file_field.file_name;
    let _path = &file_field.path;

    println!("File name {:?}",_file_name);

    // You can now deal with the uploaded file.

/*if let Some(file_fields) = doc_file {
    let file_field = &file_fields[0]; // Because we only put one "photo" field to the allowed_fields, the max length of this file_fields is 1.

    let _content_type = &file_field.content_type;
    let _file_name = &file_field.file_name;
    let _path = &file_field.path;

    // You can now deal with the uploaded file.

Here data is always empty

This is not nearly enough information for us to help. You'll have to provide concrete code (a minimal, compiling, self-contained example) and describe exactly what you are doing and what is happening instead.


Super short questions that are impossible to interpret seems to be a reoccurring theme in your topics. In case you are interested in receiving useful answers, you'll need to give a lot more information as to what you're talking about.


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