Updateing stuct bool from inside thread

Hi everyone just started using Rust. I am trying to have a scanning bool be updated when a thread is finished without waiting for it to finish so my idea was to try and have the thread call and update_scanning on self but I have come across an issue maybe using Arc could help?

`self` has an anonymous lifetime `'_` but it needs to satisfy a `'static` lifetime requirement
this data with an anonymous lifetime `'_`...

I am not really understanding this issue

use crate::db::get_connection;
use anyhow::Result;
use std::sync::{atomic::AtomicBool, Arc};

pub mod scanner;
pub mod tag_helper;
pub struct Scanner {
    scanning: AtomicBool,
impl Scanner {
    pub fn new() -> Result<Scanner> {
        let scanner = Scanner {
            scanning: AtomicBool::new(false),

    fn update_scanning(&mut self, status: AtomicBool) {
        self.scanning = status
    pub fn get_status(&self) -> AtomicBool {
        return self.scanning;
    pub async fn start_scan(&mut self) {
        tokio::spawn(async move {
            let db_connection = get_connection().await.expect("Failed to connect to db");
            use std::time::Instant;
            let before = Instant::now();
            tracing::info!("Scan completed in: {:.2?}", before.elapsed());
            //val = Arc::new(false);

You can't access borrowed data from a thread, because a thread might live for an arbitrarily long time. If you want to use Arc for holding on to some pointed data, then you have to own a copy of the Arc. Thus, you can't do this from a method that takes &mut self (or &self); if you need to access the field through a reference to the Scanner struct itself, then you have to put the whole Scanner behind an Arc.

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