Update docs on docs.rs without having to publish a new version

Say, I noticed a few typos in my docs and I'd like to fix them. Documentation is hosted on docs.rs. As far as I'm aware there's only one way to do this - publish a new patch version. Is there more direct approach?

Documentation is a part of the crate's source code, so AFAIK it is always in sync with the crate itself.

Not everyone always uses docs.rs to access the docs, so if it were possible publishing an update just there won't help. I commonly use cargo doc -p some-dependency --no-deps --open to build and open the docs locally for a dependency, so to get a typo fix in those docs I would need that new published patch version.

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Grammar misspells, forgot-to-update-version, wrong link - all of them have nothing to do with te code as it is, they are thing on their own

I disagree.

Without documentation your code may as well not exist.

As a user, incorrect documentation is the same as incorrect code. It's going to waste a lot of my time and cause a lot of head scratching.

Documenation and code are very much entangled.

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