Update breaks ARM alignment


I have a bare metal project for the Raspberry, i.e. ARM11. After the last update of the toolchain1, my code is broken, while it was okay before. It seems, that there is an issue with the alignment. As a result, e.g., corelib's integer formatting is broken, format_args!("{}",13) yields 21, since ptr::copy_nonoverlapping(lut_ptr.offset(d1), buf_ptr.offset(curr), 2) does not address the correct byte in DEC_DIGITS_LUT anymore.

Does anybody know about a change of nightly rustc / llvm / libcore in the last weeks, that could be the reason?

1I update on a regular base to ensure that my project works with the lastest version.


Oh, ouch!

For that, i’d recommend filing an issue on the github repo. There it will get more attention from the people “close to the fire”

If you don’t have a github account, just say so here, and one of us will take care of it!


Looks like @Matthias already did file it: