Upcoming features?

Quick question: Is there a quick way to get a list of (expected) features in upcoming versions of Rust, organized by version?



Maybe also search for already closed PRs.


It's hard to tell what version a feature will land in until it makes it to beta.

It's also hard to keep dashboards on this info up-to-date! :joy: This project board looks fairly recent but says it hasn't been updated since Dec 13, 2018. I wonder if we could automate it some more (for example, I see some issues in the "in progress" column that are tagged "B-rfc-implemented" and "B-unstable", I think that means they should be in the "Implemented" column but I'm not sure)... but dashboard projects have been attempted many times and failed because they need manual work to keep them from becoming stale :frowning:


Doc generation in different languages with PDF format included, a crate to demonstrate Rust high portability in different contexts, better function type inference (when I try to create a trait that has a function that tell you the type of the function parameters and the return type is a big pain in the foot), for the num-traits crate, a trait that is like Float, but without the comparison traits and implemented in Complex<T>, etc., etc.

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Yeah, I saw the milestones but thought it was strange that there were so few (only 1 for 1.34...), so I guess they get removed automatically?

Good idea about the relnotes label.

How would I go about checking for what's in beta? Just the git commit history of the beta branch?

Near release time, you can look for pull requests on RELEASES.md, like this one for 1.34:


If you look at the merged PR in e.g. milestone 1.35 then that should tell you what things will be in 1.35 even before beta.

Nope. We just recently started with these milestones.

Except for when something gets reverted before a new beta gets cut, which does happen occasionally.

Sure; but that is quite rare. The list is as good an indication you can get on nightly.

I guess don't know what a milestone is, then? Because the only one listed there for 1.34, which comes out in less than a week, is "Don't newly-stabilize already-deprecated ATOMIC_I64_INIT & friends in 1.34" and 1.33 had zero :man_shrugging:

What about having a web page somewhere that polls this and automatically shows what's coming up?

We started with this for 1.35, not for 1.34 or before. See 1.35 Milestone · GitHub. The cut-off for all 1.34 features happened some 5 weeks ago. The release notes for 1.34 have been merged to master.

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Ok, I guess I was just confused because there were other closed milestone groups that had version numbers. So is the plan to use the milestone feature more regularly going forward?



There is an issue bot which automatically updates the project board based on some 'hook' ( issue closed, pr merged, etc )

Do we currently use this bot? Or are you saying one exists and we should be using it? If the latter, where could we find this bot and how do we set it up?

As I said before, the project board looks out of date to me...? It hasn't been updated since December?

Oops, sorry for not being clear. I mean there is a bot which we don't use, but could look at using it in the future. I remember some repo using it but can't find it right now. Will get back on this

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