Unresolved import `async_graphql::extensions::ApolloTracing`: no `ApolloTracing` in `extensions`

Hey there,

I'm new to Rust, and due to my interest and experience in GraphQL, trying to setup a server with Rust to experiment and learn. In the process, I successfully built the server, got this code running, but when I tried to add the ApolloTracing extension to the schema, I got the following error:

error[E0432]: unresolved import `async_graphql::extensions::ApolloTracing`
 --> src/main.rs:5:5
5 | use async_graphql::extensions::ApolloTracing;
  |     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ no `ApolloTracing` in `extensions`

The related code is the following (which is straight from the documentation of async-graphql):

use async_graphql::extensions::ApolloTracing;

let schema = Schema::build(Query, EmptyMutation, EmptySubscription)

My Cargo.toml is the following:

async-graphql = "2.8.3"
async-graphql-actix-web = "2.8.3"
actix-web = "3.0.0"
actix-rt = "1.1.0"

Again, I'm new to Rust, so any kind of push to the solution is appreciated!

The docs say this extension is disabled by default.

You need to add async-graphql = {version= "2.8.3", features=["apollo_tracing"]} to your Cargo.toml

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Thanks, it works! Again, still new to Rust, so thanks for contributing to my learning process.. :slight_smile: Love the language so far..

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