Unorthodox Expert System release


I am a new Rust user. I like it very much, after working with a dozen other languages over the last 30 years.

I have a demonstration program, and index.html file for theory, which is either out of the box thinking or over into crazy (expectation management).

It is on GitHub with a GPL3 license.

I'm sure I need help with syntax, and efficiency. But, so far, I shy away from syntax that would mystify programmers of other languages (me too).

People might be interested in it if they have ever been fascinated by the Karnaugh Map, Boolean Algebra or Expert System.

Congratulations on trying out a new language and making something

Can you give us the one-sentence description of what your Unorthodox Expert System does? Where might I want to use something like this?

I'd also recommend checking out the How to Write Tests chapter from The Book. It shows how you can leverage Rust's built-in system to make unit testing easier instead of needing to roll your own.


Hello Michael,

It is an attempt to show a path to an expert system, that creates its own rules using circumstance, and later, intention, without human intervention.

Where the basic clues are very simple bit-changes, that vary by context (state), this program might be adapted. Of course, above very simple bit changes, something more complex may be constructed, which I know nothing about.



The tests have been normalized, release v0.019.

I also added a Windows binary.


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