<unknown> as trace on error

Hello !

I produce a 2d game and some of my players have crashs. I added sentry and give this version to concerned plays to be able to know more about crash. But, where a fake crash produce this trace in sentry:

OS Version: Linux 5.4.0-56-generic (None)
Report Version: 104

Application Specific Information:

Thread 0
0   rollgui                         0x55725417e88f      rollgui::game::MyGame::setup_startup_to_zone_engine
1   rollgui                         0x55725417f87e      rollgui::game::MyGame::update
2   coffee                          0x557254178afe      coffee::game::loop::Loop::run::{{closure}}
3   winit                           0x557254202891      winit::platform_impl::platform::x11::EventLoop<T>::run

My player crash produce this trace:

OS Version: windows None (None)
Report Version: 104

Application Specific Information:
called `Option::unwrap()` on a `None` value

Thread 0
0   <unknown>                       0x7ff7b61b8e2d      <unknown>
1   <unknown>                       0x7ff7b61b7419      <unknown>
2   <unknown>                       0x7ff7b5ddb0d6      <unknown>
3   <unknown>                       0x7ff7b5dcb7bb      <unknown>

So i don't know where is this .unwrap... Why these unknowns ? And, how can i know more about my player crash (they are simple user which cannot debug or make difficults operations) ?

Note: I'm a newbie in Rust or compiled programs :slight_smile:

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