Uninstall Rust from Ubuntu 20.04

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How did you install it?

If you came here with a somewhat less offensive username and phrasing I might be inclined to tell you.

If you installed Rust using the official installer from www.rust-lang.org, you can uninstall it by running this command:

rustup self uninstall

If you installed it through the Ubuntu "Software Center" or apt repository, you can uninstall it in the same way, or by running this command:

sudo apt uninstall rustc cargo

(This assumes you have both the rustc and cargo packages installed. You can modify the command if you installed a different set of Rust-related packages.)

Yep, rustup self uninstall worked a treat. Thanks for the info. Might come back to Rust some other time. Cheers.

Hi ZiCog, I am very sorry if I upset your sensibilities, but the country I am from, a greeting "of how are you you, you old bolocks"is a form of endearment. But then again different countries different rules. Again my apologies.

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No worries. I'm old and ugly enough that nothing much upsets my sensibilities anymore.

As it happens I was born and bred in Fulham when it was much less genteel than it is now, so I know what you mean.

However, I learned at a tender age that when you find yourself in new company it's best to zip your lip and try to be civilized. We are not in the school yard with our mates or down the pub anymore.

It's tough, I know.

You can also remove the ~/.cargo directory if you want to remove all traces of rust. (After running rustup self uninstall, of course)