Unic-langid + unic-locale 0.4

Hi all!

Happy to announce that we now have released unic-langid and unic-locale 0.4(.2)!

Those two crates provide core functionality for Unicode Language Identifier and Unicode Locale Identifier handling!

The unic-langid crate is quite complete as far as I'm aware, and I'm seeking spec conformance validation, docs, tests, and potential performance improvements mainly.

The optional macro langid! provides compilation time validation of your language identifier literals as well!

The unic-locale crate is much less mature and needs additions for a lot of extension keys, but also review of the API to make it canonical for Rust. It's mainly a scaffolding over unic-langid to show how in the future unic-locale can be used and downcasted to unic-langid seamlessly.

If you're interested in language and locale management, an example use case of the crates is fluent-locale which now can negotiate between lists of LanguageIdentifier or Locale structs!

Looking for feedback, PRs, contribution and field testing :slight_smile:

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