`unic-langid` and `unic-locale` 0.1.0 released

Hi all,

I finally released two low-level crates for Unicode Language Identifier and Unicode Locale Identifier management.

Language Identifier: unic-langid
Locale Identifier: unic-locale

The code was previously part of fluent-locale together with Fluent’s language negotiation algorithm.
Now, with the extraction you can target pure Language Identifier or Locale Identifier parsing/manipulation/serialization and you only use fluent-locale-rs if you want our language negotiation.

Although my hope is that both crates will eventually land as part of UNIC (proposal), since this hasen’t happen yet, here’s the source repository.

unic-langid is fairly complete for well-formed identifiers, but doesn’t handle validation (conformance with existing list of tags). unic-locale is more experimental and handles a couple first basic Unicode Extensions and private extensions, but not Transform Extensions.

I’d love to get help with making those crates faster and lighter, as I expect them to end up deep in the chain of any localization/internationalization crates, which in turn will likely be needed for any GUI.

Enjoy and help me bring it to full UTS35 conformance!

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