Unexpected panic comparing two Strings

Running the following test....

fn convertFromHexToDec_() {
        let input = "0123456789abcdef";    //  81985529216486895 in decimal
        let fromBase = 16u8;
        let toBase = 10u8;
        let result = convertBase(input, fromBase, toBase); 
        println!("{} len:{}",result, result.len());    //prints: 81985529216486895 len:17  
        let expResult = "81985529216486895<U+202C>";
        println!("{} len:{}",expResult, expResult.len()); //prints: 81985529216486895 len:20
        assert_eq!(expResult, result);

.... I get an unexpected message. The cause is not the result of my (correct) function I am testing here but the unexpected modification of the &str on the left side of assert_eq:

        panics with this message:
        thread 'HexToDecString::tests::convertBase_test2' panicked at 'assertion failed: `(left == right)`
        left: `"81985529216486895\u{202c}"`,
        right: `"81985529216486895"`'
The same problem with expResult.to_string() or comparing format!("{}", expResult) with the result.
Once I got this message:
        left: `"\u{202d}81985529216486895\u{202c}"`,

Where do the unicode characters u+202d and u+202c "left-to-right-override" and "pop directional formatting" come from? It seems that assert_eq! adds them to the &str on the left side.

Any ideas?

I am using IntelliJ 2019.1.2 (last updated today), with the latest stable rust version.

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Without knowing what convertBase does, we can't say anything to help


They will be in your source file. Just editors don't show non printable characters. Maybe you pasted the string from somewhere else.

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jonh, thank you very much. That is the solution! I copied it from a calculator!

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