Unable to use BitVec


I need to use BitVec and its capabilities but the compiler throws error saying it’s unstable. How do i use it / is there any alternative ?

rustc --version
rustc 1.0.0-nightly (c89de2c56 2015-03-28) (built 2015-03-29)


See feature gating and the referenced RFC (509).


Is there a good alternative to bitvec on crates.io? (For stable crates). Doesn’t need to be featureful, ideally lightweight.


The error message should include the #![feature(...)] attribute you need to add to silence the error (opting-in to the risk of breakage).


thanks … ya I was using that but didn’t know had to use it in the lib.rs not on the module file i was working on. Thanks a ton


I just published FixedBitSet for my own use, so that I could lift petgraph to be stable. It’s a very simple BitSet. Implementing growing should be relatively simple, though.