Ukrainian community


Greetings. Not sure about number of people in my country developing in Rust. I wonder much much of them exist currently.

Also interested in option to invite remote or live speakers from out of Ukraine, for any Rust events IN Ukraine. Not sure about the city.

Heard something about Bitfury group but the are not really responding…



We had a RustFest in Kyiv last year.


I am glad that you had. But your platinum sponsor is not responding. So this does not really help much.

How can I check availability of a specific speaker, if some local meetups would be scheduled? We could arrange a conf call. Considering 15-20 people, as listeners. And we would require to know the agenda, i.e. which topics are under interest among speakers.


(I’m in the RustFest orga team). All RustFests are organised by local community, also the Kyiv one. I will see to get you in touch with the local part of the team.

Bummer about the sponsor, I’ll see if I can find some other contacts.


Hi Ivan,
You are right, Bitfury released a framework for private blockchain development – Exonum, written on Rust and developers are open for speaking opportunities. Not sure where you have tried to connect with them, but the best way is to write an email to or at Facebook