Uh, how do we satisfy the borrowck with these?

We'd like to satisfy the borrowck somehow:

We don't know how to satisfy the borrowck somehow. How do we satisfy the borrowck somehow?

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down to 2 errors. how do you fix these?

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That's an awful lot of code much commented out. It'll be easier to answer if you clarify your goals.


the commented code is purely tests (because we're testing this on the playground)

we just want this error to go away, and for the code to run:

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it should just print some pointers we guess.

hmm, it seems Rust doesn't enable one to have a strict Self: 'dangling bounds (i.e. "Self strictly outlives 'dangling"), when Self has <'dangling> itself. So we guess we kinda hit a wall.

It would've been easier for us to have seen that wall had others helped us with this, tho we're glad we tried (and got this far).

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