Typo on https://www.rust-lang.org/learn/get-started prevents cargo build

Hi, folks.

On the web-page https://www.rust-lang.org/learn/get-started , in
the "Adding Dependencies" section, the reader is instructed to
include the following line in Cargo.toml :

 [dependencies] ferris-says = "0.1"

This is incorrect, and will cause "cargo build" to fail
to parse Cargo.toml . Instead, these two lines should appear:

 ferris-says = "0.1"

(I am not sufficiently familiar with github to correct the
text of the web-page myself).


...Furthermore, the code snippet and the expected output
in the section "A small Rust application" are missing all
expected carriage returns.

Hi, this has been reported and fixed, just have to wait for an update I suppose.

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