TWiR quote of the week


Verifying functional correctness of client Rust code is out of scope
for my thesis. I want to finish sometime in this decade, you know :wink:

ralfj on /r/rust


I don’t even see the lifetimes anymore, I just see blond, brunette, redhead…

BenFoppa does this Cypher impersonation on /r/rust


So that is a Brainfuck interpreter written in Hodor! which was itself implemented using macro_rules!. […] To this day, esolang-as-macro remains a decidedly non-viable method of development with Rust.

DanielKeep in The Little Book of Rust Macros.


Also the following exchange:


I recently spoke with a LISPer, who dismissed Rust as a fad, because
it could all be written as LISP macros. I invited him to write a minimal
incomplete borrow checker that way; he has not returned since then.


Would really like to see this tbh


Yeah, me too. However I’m doubtful I’ll get to see it in this lifetime.

I swear the pun wasn’t intentional, though. I only noticed when desiringmachines commented.


I think this should be both Crate and Quote of the Week. Really, just read it.


On /r/rust:

Awesome work guys!!


And many non-guys too.
And one bot. Need to get more bots.


12:58 < scott> if at first your code doesn't succeed, try!(try!(again))


Part of the larger, equally funny, conversation

12:54 <@huon> I'm really keen for postfix ?, so particularly strange pieces of code can have `foo()???`
12:55 <@huon> (and ??? would be the right reaction to something returning Result<Result<Result<T, A>, B>, C>; it 
              all fits so well) 
12:58 < scott> if at first your code doesn't succeed, try!(try!(again))


One must not confuse the notion of time with a system for labelling events.

ruud-v-a on RFC 1288



<steveklabnik> with unsafe
<steveklabnik> .... if you have to ask, then you probably shouldn't be doing it
<steveklabnik> basically

if you have to ask, then you probably shouldn’t be time traveling
with flux compensators


I’m reserving this for the 21st December issue (first issue after Star Wars: The Force Awakens release).

Do or do not. There is a try!



I’m not sure what exactly happens, but I have a patch fixing it :smiley:

@petrochenkov on #29746


Technically it’s a [breaking-change], but I expect no breakage because, well, it’s sane privacy visitor, if code is broken it must be insane by definition!

@petrochenkov on #29726


<bstrie> also, I don’t think rust macros are cool. they’re about as cool as a sitcom dad


Ms2ger on string slicing in #rust

16:27 < Ms2ger> There’s plenty of ways to skin a String :slight_smile:


Manishearth in #rust-internals

learning how to build the gun teaches you how not to shoot it


In #rust:

[18:43] <Yaniel> exactly 1k users here, wow
[18:44] <kimundi> Yeah, only 24 more until we have a nice round number :-p

13:25  * aturon feels sure that all of this reassurance means something will go horribly wrong
13:25 <@bstrie> I am the jeff goldblum character in this scenario
13:25 <@bstrie> bugs, er, find a way

On the 1.5 release date clashing with the work week.

13:47 < scott> Rust has a fine type system


durka42 on the importance of the Reflect trait
gama: Hi all, small question: xhat is the point of the Reflect trait if it is implemented by all types ? durka42: it's like tapping the Marauder's Map with your wand and saying "I solemnly swear I am up to no good"


(…from a more civilized age…)