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That’s a bit macabre, don’t you think?


Ah, poor Tucker.


Evaluating Rust for a new game company’s first title. Is this madness?!

– hoelle on /r/rust


Transmuting an & to &mut is UB:

  • Transmuting an & to &mut is always UB
  • No you can’t do it
  • No you’re not special

– Gankro (?) on the Rustonomicon


I lolled so hard.


all i know is that rust has one of the more hardworking compilers i’ve
ever encountered. no matter how much i swear at it, i actually love it



Hangar 51. Arc<Covenant> is there. In a crate.

erkelep, reddit


“Can we have the safety of rust by making a library?”

— Unnamed questioner at Bjarne Stroustrup’s “Writing Good C++” CppCon 2015 Talk (paraphrased by MattWoelk on /r/rust)


Cheers to safer systems programming for everyone!
“/u/eddyb” terminated by signal SIGSEGV (Segmentation fault)

eddyb on /r/programming answering a post from Herb Sutter. Seriously, read the whole thread, it’s pure gold.


If one regards Rust as a critique to C++, it certainly should be seen as a constructive critique.

llogiq on /r/cpp


I’m all for this one, it expresses a lot about the Rust community very neatly and is in my opinion one of the reasons Rust is often spoken about and with in many circles.


14:19 <&Manishearth> acrichto: android builder is asleep?
14:19 <&Manishearth>
14:40 < benh> what do android buildbots dream of?


In programming (as opposed to politics), safety=freedom.

llogiq on /r/rust


My first impression from first 30 minutes [of C++ Core Guidelines presentation]: guys just came from cryo chamber and tried to reinvent Rust in a C++ lib plus style checker.

By @target_san: C++ Core Guidelines

C++ Core Guidelines

While this tweet is a few weeks old I still think it’s worth a mention :slight_smile:


It misses at least two borrow checker passes. :smiley:

< tyoverby> When is rust 2.0 scheduled to come out?
< durka42> once pigs implement the Fly trait

<SuperFluffy>    I am always impressed with people who are hanging around the IRC and helping random guys like me. How do you get any work done? :)
<@steveklabnik>    i am highly multithreaded


War is Unsafe
Freedom is Safety
Ignorance is Type-checked

(The new trifecta for

killercup on Reddit


Overheard at the PDXRust meetup, when a new user (Joe Fraley) was asked if he had questions about the book:

“Once I’ve figured out the right question to ask, the problem is almost solved”