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I personally think it’s refreshing to be part of a community that isn’t afraid to highlight areas that can be improved. :slight_smile:


Just you wait until the mind_reading RFC is implemented…


Im fine with people commenting on what is bad about Rust, but is something slanderous of people or the language what we want as the weekly quote?

<Quxxy> Rust code takes so long to write that adding bugs would be too much effort, not to mention how slow the compiler is.  It's easier to just write it correctly the first time.


The language? Heck yes. The people? Heck no!


unsafe is as viral and pernicious as pop music, though obviously not as dangerous.

DanielKeep in another topic


Talking to wycats about extending std::time:

<wycats> I just feel like in this case
<wycats> people think "just do a reasonable thing"
<wycats> but the results are basically violations of physics


ah I love this, when the bounds check has a purpose for the algorithm.

@bluss, in an itertools PR.

PhantomData<((), ())> // spooky

kibwen on reddit


And God said, Noah you must transport these animals across a large body of water… but they are not Send. And Noah replied, I shall build a great Arc!

durka42 on #rust


Rust is not just C++ with a funny syntax and more static checking. It’s even more different than that. Rust is an other way of thinking.



Rust is not just C++ with a funny syntax and more static checking. It’s
even more different than that. Rust is an other way of thinking.

Rust is love, Rust is life.


[Rust] the language had to dedicate so much real estate to this (difficult) problem alone, it became a disharmonic creature with one bulging muscle and little of anything else.

— Andrei Alexandrescu (creator of D) on reddit

I for one think of this as high praise for Rust – it’s a young language, and having solved the hard part makes for a great foundation. I trust the other missing ‘muscle’ (mostly easier/more powerful metaprogramming) will come in time. I should note that the (difficult) problem in question is managing memory (semi-)automatically without GC.


@xrpo p}


@bors r+


welp, Dvorak

— Manish on GitHub


I’ve selected this as Quote of the Week for today’s issue. However I replaced “creator of D” with “designer of D” to be more technically accurate. (According to Wikipedia, D was created by Walter Bright).


Not exactly Rust-related, but here goes:

[T]rying to get traction in the JS world is like farting into a hurricane.

campbellm on /r/rust


I don’t see that one fit for TWIR: It sounds like it has a point, but it’s easily debatable if it has one. What stays is a strong phrasing of an opinion that is somewhat funny, but that’s not the property that TWIR quotes should be picked by, IMHO.

03:46 < durka42> rust has a culture of small crates
03:47 < XMPPwocky> a Cargo cult, if you will

on #rust-offtopic


“At Mozilla, there is a sign on the wall behind one of our engineer’s desks. The sign has a dark horizontal line, below which is the text, ‘You must be this tall to write multi-threaded code.’ The line is roughly nine feet off the ground. We created Rust to allow us to lower that sign.” pp. 52


Transmute is taking a dog, sawing its front legs off, gluing on a pair of buffalo wings and telling it it’s a duck so it damn well better start quacking
You should not be surprised when you end up with a pile of gore and a dead dog instead of an actual duck :stuck_out_tongue: