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Rust is 5 languages stacked on top of each other, except that instead of ending up like 5 children under a trenchcoat, they end up like the power rangers.


You can write safe C++, but you can not accidentally write unsafe rust.


So he went from 1000$ a month to 0 a month, by rewriting a script with Rust.

‘Rhymes’ on summarises the economical value of writing performant code, in An example of why performance matters (with Python and Rust).

“He” is André Arko, lead dev of Ruby’s Bundlr, who got a 230x speedup in rewriting his bundlr log-parser in rust.
I’d recommend mr. Arko’s piece to anyone: it really captures that incredulous feeling of empowerment people get from Rust :blush:


Yes, of course we don’t call Python an “unsafe language” - but if we don’t call Python an unsafe language, it’s unfair to conclude that Rust is unsafe, since Rust actually does a better (imo) job of segregating and controlling unsafety.

/u/NoraCodes in


“[that unsafe function] might actually be safe for all I know. Feel free to investigate further!” – Lokathor, on writing a Rust wrapper for SDL


You shoot yourself in the foot. Nothing happens to the foot because it wasn’t declared mutable #rustlang

Elena Nadolinski on Twitter.

Originally suggested by @SenojEkul.


Roses are red,
Rust-lang is fine,
cannot borrow `i` as mutable more than once at a time


@drXor from internals engaging in UB poetry.

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Perhaps a better way to explain this is: you cannot ever get a function pointer to an intrinsic.

The compiler will just throw a block of ice in your face.

nagisa on Zulip

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