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There’s no log, but I can attest this is verbatim.


What happens if someone calls park twice? Does it explode? Does it collapse into a black hole? Does my computer turn into a reindeer and ride away on a rainbow?

@DanielKeep on reddit


Rust: The language that makes you take the safety off before shooting yourself in the foot

@mbrubeck on #rust-community


This quote gets a little odder when you know that the weapon in question is a Yumi. Hard to imagine someone shooting themselves in the foot with.


Good one. A similar quote is “You desperately want to shoot yourself in the foot, but the borrow checker won’t let you”


From #servo channel

07:09 <Ms2ger> > The people working on Quantum at Mozilla will be referred to as Quantum Mechanics, naturally.

Quantum is Mozilla’s project to build the next-generation web engine for Firefox users, building on the Gecko engine as a solid foundation. Quantum will leverage the fearless concurrency of Rust and high-performance components of Servo to bring more parallelization and GPU offloading to Firefox.


What is Rust?

Research drawn together and put into production? A friendly, helpful community? Safe, concurrent, fast? Fast, reliable, productive? To explore the unknown, to empower, to fail and try again, to help others, to stay curious?

Whatever Rust means to you, fellow Rustaceans, the time to step up to defend it draws near.

The plague is coming, and we must stand together to defeat it!

If we fail, we can try again next year, but let us not fail! As a community that empowers and helps each other, let us focus our curiosity into exploration of the frontiers of medical science, draw our research together, and put it into production! Let our laboratories be fast, reliable, and productive! Let us work together with speed and concurrency for the safety of our region!

Let us have zombie-safety with no need for corpse collection, cure-missile concurrency without superweapon-stun races! Regional stability! Without! Stagnation!
Let us prevail!

– c74d (as representative of the NationStates nation “The Community of New Rustia”)

Context: NationStates is a Nation simulator, and some of Rustaceans have a region there. Every Halloween, zombies infest this world, and we can either try to cure them, try to kill them, or let them infect us so we can infect others. While I was away, the other members of the region swiftly developed a cure and cleansed the zombies from the region. This was a call to action prior to that.


I’m flattered, but I don’t know that NationStates stuff is appropriate?

For reference in the case in which it is, to give attribution, I was referencing (1) Rust’s past and present “trifecta” mottoes; (2) the creed “Memory safety without garbage collection / Concurrency without data races / Abstraction without overhead / Stability without stagnation” (although I didn’t know how to work in the “abstraction” part); and (3) a series of Twitter posts from @jonathandturner that I only ever saw in [a screen-capture] 1 posted to #rust-offtopic.

Edit: For further reference, a link to the original post:


I like that one, but I can’t help to wonder if /r/playrust would be able to determine if it’s offtopic or not :smile:


Aaron on the Ruma matrix channel:

My favorite part of coding; realizing I’m the idiot who wrote the line that is currently confusing me.


Every once in a while someone discovers a bug in librsvg that makes it all the way to a CVE security advisory. We’ve gotten double free()s, wrong casts, and out-of-bounds memory accesses. Recently someone did fuzz-testing with some really pathological SVGs, and found interesting explosions in the library. That’s the kind of 1970s bullshit that Rust prevents.

Federico on porting librsvg to Rust.

via /u/robinst.


The Rust client is impossibly fast and never crashes; the latter feature
is absolutely essential for a performance environment where a crash
implies embarrassment at best and totally ruining a show at worst.

/u//generalelectrix on reddit.

via /u/kixunil.


Now higher-kinded types especially are one of those PL
topics that sound forebodingly complex and kind of abstract (like
monads). But once you learn what it is, you realize it’s actually
relevant to your life (unlike monads)

@nikomatsakis invoking the M word in his latest blog post.


I want to paint you a picture of a utopia in which Rust has expanded to become
the fabric of the entire classical computing world, where the possibilities of
what we can achieve are not shackled to the decaying dreams of computer science
past. In this perfect utopia you have invented the perfect model for managing
your computer’s sci-fi hardware, perfectly free from the legacy of Unix and
Windows. And you need the perfect language to write it in. Everywhere you look
is legacy: C, C++, Java; the stacks get bigger and bigger, cruft all the way

The only shining light is Rust. Those Rustaceans have been chipping away the
cruft, distilling their platform to only the essence of bits and bytes, while
also expanding its expressive power toward legendary elegance. Rust doesn’t want
to tell you how to build your system. Rust wants to serve you, to fulfill your
dreams, on your terms. For your ambitions, Rust is the only reasonable choice in
a world filled with compromises.

@brson on Refactoring std for ultimate portability


There are more pythons used in the mingw build than are still alive in the wild.

@larsberg on #servo


what I lie to the compiler about doesn’t hurt it

vlad in #servo


*mut u8 as fn(&str) is not a scalar cast blah blah I’m a compiler I know better than you



Slice patterns are being tamed:

The logic used to be wildly wrong, but before the HAIR patch its wrongness was in most cases hidden by another bug.

PR #37603


Lol, I love this thread) Need more funny posts!!)


Rust lets you shoot yourself in your foot, but unlike C it forces you to declare I’m going to point a gun at my foot in this code block.

/u/valarauca8 on reddit. submitted by /u/matthieum.


Tough week to pick a single Quote of the Week.