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logic on /r/rust :

The best way to learn Rust is to just try! and see what works (or is this to just see what works? now?)!


From /r/rust:

If at first you don’t succeed, try!(try!(try!(try!(try!( again?



Xion: To promote Rust, we can go door to door and ask if you want to talk about je...malloc.


/// Test whether this socket is writey to be written to or not.

@alexcrichton in the docs for tokio_core::TcpStream::poll_write


Rust account’s words:

Or my own (related) quote:

I think it’s good to understand the different problem domains!


< Celti> I just had a recruiter contact me for a Rust job requiring 3+ years of professional experience with it.

From #rust


I’d love to pick this for QotW, but I’m having difficulties locating a permalink for it on


right, I checked before I posted. Logs look empty.


“Why I’m dropping Rust” was so meh and it got into TWiR? Rdedup never
got to TWiR, while it is way cooler than a guy that just couldn’t force
Rust to be Java. :stuck_out_tongue:

/u/dpc_pw on reddit.

On recommendation of @llogiq.

UPDATE: @llogiq did not recommend this quote. What he said was CotW and not QofW which I misread.


[22:36:49] <mckeankylej> thanks guys I really like rust its like haskell and c had a beautiful baby

From #rust-beginners


On interesting uses of impl Trait:

You can actually return Iterators without summoning one of the Great Old Ones now, which is pretty cool.

K900_ on reddit


Is #rust-beginners IRC logged somewhere for permalinks?


My favorite new double-meaning programming phrase: “my c++ is a little rusty”


From #rust:

<vadix> is there an atomic Cow in std for sending Cows across threads
* matematikaadit imagining sending "cows" across "threads"
<matematikaadit> poor cows...

Do not leave bovines in such a bad situation!

(In reality, Cow is Send when the associated lifetime is 'static, so it can be sent across threads. Non-'static lifetime would need to use scoped threads.)


Lifetimes ('nuff said)

@bstrie on GitHub


Please note that this is a quote from 2014.


From #rust-beginners:

<dRk> that gives a new array of errors, guess that's a good thing
<misdreavus> you passed one layer of tests, and hit the next layer :P
<misdreavus> rustc is like onions
<dRk> it makes you cry?