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@ubsan on IRC:

<ubsan> playbot: String::<>::new::<>()
<playbot> ""
<ubsan> All types are generic; some are more generic than others.


That’s actually from my latest blog entry.


D’oh, my mistake. I’ll edit to add the correct attribution


04.1407 * KiChjang wonders why jdm isn’t in owner status
04.1408 < jdm> ownership is a tool used by the fat cats of industry to oppress us
04.1408 < KiChjang> no, ownership is used to save us from segfaults

servo IRC, showing us the difference between Marxist and Rustacean philosophy.


the point of pointers is to point to what pointers point to

Xion on #rust-beginners IRC at 2016-05-06 19:10:57UTC+0000


@bors one of us is gonna give in, and it’s not gonna be me

@alexcrichton on Github


I’d just like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as rustc, is in fact, LLVM/rustc, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, LLVM plus rustc. rustc is not a compiler unto itself, but rather another frontend of a fully functioning LLVM compiler made useful by the LLVM IR, optimizers, and code generators comprising a full compiler.

@XMPPwocky on #rust-offtopic IRC


I assume this is a reference to Gnu/Linux.


Correct, but it was in reply to my noticing that the rust repository has twice as much C++ code as Rust code thanks to LLVM. :stuck_out_tongue:


An analogy would be that Mat4x4 is a waffle iron, and Mat4x4<f32> is a waffle that comes out of it. If you are served the waffle iron (with maple syrup on top, of course) you will likely be disappointed!

Matthieu M. explaining the meaning of type Mat4x4<T> = [T; 16];


“It takes decades to learn the value of a lifetime, but @rustlang at least lets us know the lifetime of a value.”

@llogiq on Twitter


Fishing for the quote of the week again?

Slade (a.k.a. Argorak) on twitter


Sorry, I can’t find it on Twitter. Link?


*cough* …of a type *cough*.


That would have broken the symmetry.


Added the link.


Rust is like doing parkour while suspended on strings & wearing protective gear. Yes, it will sometimes look a little ridiculous, but you’ll be able to do all sorts of cool moves without hurting yourself.

llogiq on reddit


I love how we started out having intractable debates about the feature itself, and now we’ve graduated to the meta level and started having intractable debates about how to even begin moving forward on the original intractable debate. I propose we now move this to the next level™ and have a debate about the process by which we shall decide which parts of the feature set we will debate first.

@glaebhoerl on the impl Trait RFC



/r/SimonSapin describing the Rust development process in two characters


I’ll nominate this bit from my own RFC, because I crack myself up every time I read it:

Since this RFC promotes including this section, it includes it itself. (RFCs, unlike Rust struct or enum types, may be freely self-referential. No boxing required.)