TWiR quote of the week


Alongside assorted fixes, it enabled MIR to launch :rocket: and do a complete bootstrap.
To try it yourself, ./configure --enable-orbit or make RUSTFLAGS="-Z orbit".

From eddyb’s PR which bootstrapped MIR straight into orbit.

And the description of -Z orbit:

get MIR where it belongs - everywhere; most importantly, in orbit


On Reddit:

llogiq: That feeling when you battle with borrowck and remain victorious.
mus1Kk: I’d give my firstborn to experience it once!

**Sneakily decides to leave out the “just kidding lol” part of the quote.**


You should at least include my answer.


Enlighten us, please.


No need for a firstborn. Just keep on learning. Don’t give up, your day will come.

Me on /r/rust (for those opposed to reddit links)


From IRC just now.

<phaazon> ok
<phaazon> and what trait is from from?
<jix> From :D
<phaazon> ok :D
<phaazon> so from is from From
<phaazon> nice!


Rust: "C, if it were invented today by a guy who only knows Haskell." -- Eevee


That quote was not produced anywhere close to this week.


Quxxy wrote this, when asked why an open-ended range doesn’t stop at the maximum value of its type:

This seems like a pretty big oversight. This is totally on purpose and your own fault for telling it to run screaming off a cliff trying to count integers out to infinity. It doesn’t have that many fingers.


Oh! I did not realize it had to be this week! I just searched this thread
if it hadn’t been mentioned and thought it would fit. Cheers!


From @steveklabnik on #rust-community:

steveklabnik> i basically am @rustlang […]


<arielby> is the obligation forest a secret plot to make typeck performance so bad
<arielby> we will need incremental compilation to work at all?


“Explicitness is the fourth core value of Rust. Ironically, I don’t see
that “Explicitness” is ever explicitly stated as a goal of Rust.” – Ian Whitney, Rust via it’s Core Values


Rust offers a lot of interesting tools, but they can be complex to
describe. What I’ve found is that as long as I keep Rust’s core values
in mind, I can usually figure out why it works the way it works.

Rust via it’s Core Values

5:44 PM <WindowsBunny> only on linux can you experience subsecond winapi compile times

@retep998 on the topic of cfg’d-out windows crates being built on other platforms. Notably, this problem can go away in 1.8 thanks to!


@llogiq and /u/so_you_like_donuts on

Cow is still criminally underused in a lot of code bases

I suggest we make a new slogan to remedy this:

“To err is human, to moo bovine.”

(I may or may not have shamelessly stolen this from this bug report)


In general, enough layers of Rc/RefCell will make anything work.



One does not casually enter the radiation zone to adjust the wall clock for daylight savings.

Gankro on handling safe code sharing a module with unsafe



nagisa submits an ambivalent review (probably not intentional) (PR).


EDIT: Actually from @llogiq

@steveklabnik on twitter: