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<Quxxy2> But in general, invisible dependencies make your code more brittle and harder to understand
<Quxxy2> It's like the One Ring: being invisible is handy, but being exposed to ring wraiths is *kinda* a bad trade-off

On #rust, talking about global variables.


The name of the thread isn’t accurate, but the name of the type is still (), for the same reason that (1u32, 1u32) is of type (u32, u32). So the quote is still accurate.


Good point. The answer is correct, the question’s just a bit outdated.

20:21 < durka42> imo: the opinionated version of mio


The Rust community reflects on serious problems in system design.

Are all SoullessExecutives a HeartlessManager at their core?

- connorcpu

via reddit


My plan is to hopefully have a working “hello triangle” less than a week after the release of Vulkan 1.0.

tomaka being awesome as ever on r/rust


Now we just need Go to start versioning its compiled objects, and then it could be better than Carg…OH WAIT NOPE y’all already did that too

sdboyer about a Go package manager on r/rust


Everyone can teach us something.

Sometimes what they teach us is what not to do by example.

Some provide actual innovations even while shooting themselves in the foot, after all; a unique foot shooting is still unique.

Some projects provide the same!

addmoreice on Boolinator


I think for 90% of the code in the world a language like Haskell is fast enough. For the next 9% Rust with all safety on is fast enough. The next .9% percent can probably be fine with unsafe Rust / plain C. And then there’s a few things you basically want to write in optimized C + asm/intrinsics.

via Rust + Haskell: Software Rasterization, N-Body Simulation & Game of Life


There is essentially no webpage out there that it cannot get through at multiple hundreds of frames-per-second

@pcwalton on Servo’s astonishing new WebRender technology


<KiChjang> Some of these days I should throw an error: programmer does not live long enough

on #servo IRC


Rust: When you want to feel like an idiot because even a mere compiler is smarter than you.

By Manishearth on /r/rust


at some point everyone learning Rust will bash their head against the borrow checker and ask the Rust gods why their finely handcrafted lifetime annotations fail to pass its muster.

by llogiq


Rust is so great, that I have come forth as a truly better idiot to field test rust and have failed to muck it up too bad.


the benchmarks game is a pretty solid study on the boredom of
performance-oriented software engineers grouped by programming language.

@llogiq on Reddit


I’d like to apologize for any distress or hurt feelings this statement may have caused. I made it before having my first coffee this morning.


Rust is not what makes these projects awesome. These projects are what make Rust awesome.

Manish on twitter


Do you need a ()?

I pronounce unit as “hug”


Manish on twitter:

Current status: cursing the halting problem

@Manishearth, better halting the cursing problem than cursing the halting problem :smile:

4:20 AM <Quxxy2> scott: If you're happy and you know it, parse some args

DanielKeep on clap in #rust-offtopic