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Translation please? It seems to be an anime reference?

It’s a few lines excerpt from a song that was used as an opening for Evangelion. You can find the full lyrics and their translations on the internet. It is something that’s somewhat commonly parodied.


Like a cruel angel
Borrow-Checker, become the legend.

However someday you’ll probably realize? that what’s on your back
is the Non-Lexical-Lifetime that is there for take you towards the far future.

( These are not my native languages but… I wasn’t able to resist the temptation )


I don’t have them handy to check, but I seem to remember the official subtitles saying “a legend” rather than “the legend”, which would make sense given that Japanese doesn’t use articles the way we do and the turn of phrase is generally “become a legend”, not “become the legend”.

(“a cat”, “the cat”, and “cats” are all “neko”. It’s disambiguated by the rest of the sentence as needed.)

For what it’s worth, it also lines up with a nice fandub I ran across which fits English to the melody by translating it as “Like an angel who has forsaken sympathy, Rise up young boy and make yourself a legend.” (“Borrow-checker” replaced “Shōnen”, which basically means “boy”.)


LeetCode is now supporting Rust!


from Rust stability in 2019


Two quotes at once:


@DanielKeep on length of strings


Debugging is a scary thing:

(text is a little changed grammatically, but the formulation is preserved)


One more nice analogy:


Coincidentally, I just started writing some rust… I find this sentiment strange; people don’t look to other languages because you can’t do something in c++, but more often because you can.

John Carmack


From the discussion of this quote:

I actually found C++ very expressive. const functions and const generics are great. I don’t have problems with C++ in saying what I want to say. The problem is to avoid saying what I don’t want to say.


From irlo: [Idea] Improving the ergonomics when using rc (emphasis added):


(This is not the case; Rust attempts to be implicit or explicit based on a valuation of the reasoning footprint and being implcit/explicit where that helps more than hurts… This quote is controversial and doesn’t fit QotW)


Everyone here is very aware of what C++ has become, so this fate is considered and actively avoided.


** bheisler **

Rust is kind of nice in that it lets you choose between type erasure and monomorphization, or between heap-allocation and stack-allocation, but the downside is that you have to choose.


From DeltaPHC on (unofficial) community Discord server:

Pollution is what happens when everyone mutably borrows the air at the same time


Because it’s not something the standard library has to include
. . . .
Rust is not trying, and has never tried, to be “batteries included”.


Two potential quotes from the same Reddit thread:

The borrow checker breaks you down so that it can build you back up, stronger and more resilient than you once were. It also had me do all sorts of weird things like catch flies with chopsticks and scrub counters to a polish.


I always think of borrowck as an angel sitting on your shoulder, advising you not to sin against the rules of ownership and borrowing, so your design will be obvious and your code simple and fast.



Also it seems (to me!) that, because of this, the for loop is a lonely orphan to all the iterator chaining oodness in rust.

I’d say he’s the elder in this family. One of those who can finish every dispute by listening to all involved and deriving the conclusion on every step of the whole chain, without need of the collect 's pet (you know who I’m referring to).

Source: Why is rust's for loop not an expression


I love Rust because it reduces bugs by targeting it’s biggest source… me.