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Holy ****! This compiler is like my dad, won't let me do anything wrong!!

@cg-cnu's wife expressing rust's safety morals, in isn't rust too hard to be adopted (censored by me, just in case)


Rust is one of those friends that take some time to get along with, but that you'll finally want to engage with for a long term relationship.

From this blog post about Go


I’ve become fearless in Rust, but it’s made me fear every other language...

u/bluejekyll on reddit


last time i talked to the infra team they made a bot to replace kennytm. i fear if I ask them to write a rust based unikernel with a custom os to host the docs they'll actually do it

-- @killercup on Twitter


Explicitness is the fourth core value of Rust. Ironically, I don’t see that “Explicitness” is ever explicitly stated as a goal of Rust. But, given the choice between implicitness and explicitness, Rust usually chooses explicitness.

--- iwhitney in Rust via its Core Values

More of a tongue twister, but its true! :smile:


"Rust is difficult because writing correct code is difficult" -- @leodasvacas

Said about this post: Isn't rust too difficult to be widely adopted? - #43 by cg-cnu

Originally in Portuguese: Telegram: Contact @rustlangbr



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Software is partly a production problem, but it’s mainly a maintenance problem. Powerful primitives like Rust are our path to building sustainable services that don’t need human attention around the clock, and which can be expected to operate reliably over epochs measured in decades instead of weeks.

--- Reflections on Rust, and the sand castle metaphor —


Well I didn't expect the bloody Rust Evangelism Strike Force.

bursts through conveniently placed door

NOBODY EXPECTS THE RUST EVANGELISM STRIKE FORCE! Our chief feature is safety. Safety and speed. Our two main features are safety and speed. And fearless concurrency. Three! Our three main features are safety, speed, and fearless concurrency. And a fanatical devotion to Ferris.

-- /u/shadow31 on Reddit at


See also the post above, posted closer to when that Reddit copypasta was originally generated: TWiR quote of the week - #389 by KillTheMule

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you should donate your brain to science once the time comes...
-- freakhill, in response to dtolnay's reflect library


(has niko become rustc's dad?)

-- eddyb

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"We're able to replicate the structure of cows, but not their lifetimes, in C++, which makes Cows dangerous." --, closing his talk about integrating Rust and C++


Excellent showcase of the potential of multithreading, unlocked by Rust:

TL;DR: I reduced the dump time from 506s to 26s by fixing some simple issues and taking advantage of Rust "fearless parallelism".

From: Speeding Up dwarfdump With Rust


When picking up a lentil (Result) a pigeon (?) must consider two options. If the lentil is a good one (Ok), the pigeon simply puts it into the pot (evaluates to the wrapped value). However, if the lentil happens to be a bad one (Err), the pigeon eats it, digests it (from) and finally “returns” it. Also the silhouette of a pigeon kind of resembles a questionmark.

From @anatol1234 on internals.


(after explaining bit of Rust using Java)

I’m sorry to have subjected you to Java. You can stop weeping and screaming now, you’re not in the first year of your computer science course anymore. Unless you are, in which case I’m so sorry.


It can seem overwhelming when starting to learn Rust, because some of the stuff you need to be productive is more complex than in C++ (e.g. the borrow checker) so the initial curve from zero to productive is steeper, but it soon becomes second nature and then it's smooth sailing. Whereas in C++ it's easier to get started but you'll be sailing in a stormy sea with monsters (who want to segfault you) from the start, and have to spend a lot of time debugging..

@Boscop on reddit


(Update: It's from


it seems like by making my function use AsRef, i gain the ability to pass all kinds of crap into it, but not a simple refernece

-- jamadazi on #rust-beginners (unlogged channel, permission to quote given)


In Rust it's the compiler that complains, with C++ it's the colleagues

By Vorner on the Gitter channel. rust-lang/rust - Gitter