TWiR quote of the week


the RFC really being four RFCs in a trenchcoat

whitequark on RFC 1847

< ssheldon> well now I'm just bummed I won't get to publish my AUX crate

Heartfelt remorse from the instigator of the nulpocalypse ( )

< Ralith> wasting absurd amounts of time on too-clever metaprogramming is a time-honored tradition!

From #rust-gamedev


oli_obk: good thing is, your code won’t run until it’s mostly right :wink:
BernardoMeurer: I like VHDL more, your code will run even if it literally explodes the hardware


Ok, I think we can just give up with the QotW now. Because no one will ever top that one. :slight_smile:

Hold my beer.

llogiq making promises on reddit.


(from 2016)

In general, enough layers of Rc/RefCell will make anything work.

gkoz on the users forum in thread “How to get static lifetime?”. (link)

I lol’ed. Still getting into the groove of writing (and reading) Rust and this feels true/hilarious/like cheating the compiler.

EDIT: I see it had been suggested before, not sure if it was used. Still super funny :smiley:


Spent the last week learning rust. The old martial arts adage applies. Cry in the dojo, laugh in the battlefield.

/u/crusoe on Reddit


It may be related to “any program architecture problem may be solved with one more layer of indirection, except of excessive number of indirections”



Cuanto tiempo :smiley:


Also, @coder543 helped identify a surprisingly large difference in times when a Framed transport is used. I’m going to check if that’s something specific to Rust, or common to all transports. I really want to thank him for:

  1. Being super helpful in working with me until we figured out the exact setup that caused the issue (despite my claiming it was a problem with his setup!)
  2. Having a great attitude! We need more people in our community like this.

From Initial Rust support for Thrift lands in Thrift mainline


<kmc> Rust std library has a type called Cow
<alixir> seems useful
<alixir> to avoid Mooving data unnecessarily


Which channel?


PM; got permission.


Manishearth: ^ the creators of rust inventing borrowck in their evil lair

From #rust-internals


For the most unsound Clone implementation ever…


“Have I ever told you the story of the mutpocalypse? It all began fifty years ago…”

Moooom! Grandpa Gankro’s telling that story again!”

“He’s old, just humour him.”

Quxxy on Reddit


Because mem::transmute is the answer for all the borrow checker complaints! (Not really)

L117: I tried to change my nickname to meme::transmute::<&'a Doot, &'static mut L117>(doot) with no success ):
Cldfire: Your plot to live forever has been foiled

Spookin’ Dootin’ mem::transmutin'


Angry Dootin’ mem::transmutin'


@enet_4: Day 31: I have gained the linter’s trust. Clippy still thinks I’m a format string.

Due to linting on panic!({ true }) about a malformed format string.


Hi, I think rust is just an amazing achievement because it is the first time we all, just about the first time we’ve seen one of these kind of linear or affine type systems actually make its way into practical use. So its just incredible, well done! I’m, you know, I mean I’m wild with envy. I want to steal all the best ideas I can and put them in Haskell.

Simon Peyton Jones commenting on Niko Matsakis’ presentation about Rust at Curry On Barcelona! YouTube link.


@CleanCut in the sibling thread gives the best metaphor for Rust I’ve seen so far :slight_smile: