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The borrow checker is a real tsundere. She’s cold and harsh about the
mistakes you initially commit in your code, but she’s a real sweetheart
for pointing at all the wrong things in your code. It’s just too bad
that some people don’t have the patience to warm up with her for a bit.
There’s quite a bit of dere in the borrow checker.

faithfuldoge via reddit


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i was wondering, somewhat seriously, whether you actually do want to use the generic methods for
everything. as_ref::<[_]>() is almost graphically shark-jumping

- @aturon on #rust-internals


Diagnostics are the UX of a compiler, and so they’re deserving of the exact same care that is put into mobile app or Web design.

@pcwalton on HN.


@frankmcsherry on #rust:

<frankmcsherry> rust is like a big bucket of solder and wire, with the promise that you can’t electrocute yourself.


mwu in #servo

< mwu> I am about 2 errors away from rust’s next pile of errors though


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bstrie on #rust-internals:

Saraswat made the rules, we just enforce them :P


unsafe restricts which code could contain undefined behavior, but it doesn’t isolate the effects of that undefined behavior.


@aturon on backward-compat wizardry:

<aturon> i was backed into a corner, magic was the only choice



I first try let payload = request.body.read_to_string(); because I know it used to work.

It does not work.

23:37 < geofft> time flies when you're having fn()


mbrubeck 12:04 AM: “Rust: A minute to learn, a lifetime to master.”


Not funny, just on point.

< Ms2ger> And note, unsafe code isn’t for violating Rust’s invariants, it’s for maintaining them manually

#rust irc.


Awesome quotes this week. Thanks everybody!


Ultimately, I think this all boils down to the fact that borrowck only cares about reachable
values. A leaked value isn’t reachable, therefore it doesn’t matter
that it had a lifetime associated with it and technically outlives that
lifetime, since it’s not reachable no undefined behavior can be invoked.

Great insight by kballard on the safety of leaking


A simple bit of humour from Huon:

This is exactly like writing let left = &mut self.left; inside the match arm, but it has the useful advantage of working.


Woo! The twir train keeps rolling!

16:28 < tmerr1> macros... why does it feel so good... so good to be bad

#rust (botbot wasn’t around at the time)


I cannot claim that I understand the algorithms 100%, but I have
reviewed all the papers and satisfied myself that this implementation is
a good match for them, and that the goals of the papers are a match for
what we want in Rust.